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Stanford, Ole Miss, KU, Alabama, USC, Grambling, Jays, Minnesota, Morehead, Santa Clara, San Jose, Wisconsin, UCSB, Arizona State University
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SURGE Construction Cap
SURGE Construction Cap PTS65C
DRYVE Construction Cap
DRYVE Construction Cap PTS45C

Richardson Fitted baseball caps are the standard by which all other baseball caps are measured. These caps are constructed with the highest quality features, traditional fabrics and have a great contemporary shape. These fitted caps are the #1 choice of players around the world

Bonita Valley Softball has used Uniforms Express as our exclusive uniform vendor for our All Star Teams for the past 5 years.  We have a very short time frame from team selection to our first tournament and Uniforms Express has always been on time.  We always receive a great response from other teams on how nice our uniforms look.  Thanks Uniforms Express for making the uniform coordinator a much easier job!
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